flow + roll

Props: 2 Blocks, 2 sets of Yoga Tune Up balls (1 large, 1 medium)


  • Child’s pose (center, stretch right, stretch left)

  • Table top, small balls under right wrist, side to side. Take balls wrist to elbow (option to rest right ear in bicep and move body forward and back)

  • Reach right arm forward, left leg back, lengthen.  Bend back leg, grab back ankle.

  • Sit back on heels, right wrist stretch with right fingers facing down, both sides

  • Interlace hands behind back and open chest

  • Switch sides (table top, small balls under let wrist, etc)

  • AMS - Vinyasa (building heat, warm muscles)

  • Tadasana top of mat. Take hands on blocks on their tallest setting with large balls under right foot. Lengthen spine, roll balls forward and back, side to side.

  • Stand on right foot, lift left leg back, static hold. 

  • Switch legs

  • Table top, top of right foot roll, then shin.

  • Switch sides. 

  • AMS - Vinyasa - Chair Twist

  • Seated with blocks outside of hips, medium setting.

  • Legs extended forward, bend right knee, large balls under right foot. Roll side to side

  • Calf - point/flex foot, pause in any areas that feel tight

  • Hamstring

  • Glutes/outer hip (lay on right side, left foot forward, left hand on block for support). Options for pointing/flexing foot, small leg lifts, making small circles forward and backward)

  • Switch sides

  • Lay on back 

  • Piriformis, balls at sacrum, feet mat width, knees side to side

  • Take balls 4 inches above sacrum, hips side to side with knees bent, propped up on forearms, small movements up and down low back 

  • Neck/shoulders. Balls 2-3 inches below tops of shoulders

  • 3 arm options - arm raises, snow angels, bus driver

  • Large balls on block at base of head

  • Tiny chin lifts, side to side turns of head, zig zag motion

  • 3 minute Savasana with head on balls