post workout poses

Hip/Hamstring Focus against the wall

    1.Hamstring Stretch

Reduce back pain and risk of injury

        - Pull left leg in toward torso. Keep outer left hip rolling down, left thigh bone plugging in to socket.

        Option to roll left ankle. Hold 15-30 seconds

        Switch legs

    2. Half Happy Baby (Ardha Ananda Balasana)

Release low back and sacrum, opens hips, inner thighs and groin, lengthens the spine, relieves stress and fatigue, calming

        - Bend left knee, drop it towards left armpit.  With left hand, hold outer edge of left foot, calf, or thigh.

        Keep both sides of sacrum grounded and tailbone releasing down. Hold 15-30 seconds

        Switch legs.

    3. Figure 4 stretch (Supine Single Pigeon)

Opens hip joint, lengthens hip flexor, stretches the thighs, glutes, and piriformis muscle

        - Bend left knee, cross outer left ankle over middle of right thigh.

        Either stay or reach through to hold right hamstring and hug right leg in.

        Soften any gripping or tension in left hip. Hold 15-30 seconds

        Switch legs

    4. Reclined Cow Facing Pose (Supine Gomukhasana)

Opens hips, improves external rotation of hips, stretches outer hip, thighs, and glutes, IT band

        - Cross left leg over right at the knees. Bend both knees, flex both feet and grab outer edges of the feet (right hand holds outer edge           of left foot, left hand holds outer edge of right foot)

        Pull legs in towards your chest gently.

        Keep knees stacked on top of each other

    5. Legs Up the Wall (Viparita Karani)

Relaxing and calming, improves circulation, stretches hamstrings and low back, relieves lower back tension, soothes swollen feet and legs 

        - Start with your hips 5 to 6 inches away from the wall. Lay on your right side and swing your legs up the wall.  Make any adjustments           necessary to feel comfortable and allow your shoulders and head to soften into the ground. 

        Option to use props (blankets or bolster) for additional support. If you’re in a tighter body, you can use a lower support, farther from           the wall. If you’re in a more flexible. body, you can use a higher support closer to the wall.

        Release hands and arms out to your sides, palms up. 

        Gently release chin away from sternum but lift sternum towards chin. Stay for 3-4 minutes

    6. Wide legged Viparita Karani

        - Take legs apart into a wide “V” to stretch inner thighs and groins.

        Option to take Baddha Konasana legs with knees bent and the soles of the feet together. Slide outer edges of the feet down the wall,           bringing heels toward the pelvis. Stay for 3-4 minutes